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    Imagine a world where men talk, cry, embrace, resolve conflicts and express more emotion than anyone has ever thought imaginable. This isn't a joke. What we've just described is what occurs at major sporting events across the country.

    There is a widespread stereotype that men never talk about emotion and some people believe men don't even feel emotion. But think about it. When you're at a big game, you see guys expressing every emotion possible. There's a big difference between men not having emotions and men not feeling comfortable expressing emotions.

    Most guys don't have a problem talking about their physical health. We discuss how we're working out, what we're eating and what we're doing to get stronger. It's time to do the same thing with our mental health.

    Phi Gamma Delta is working hard to find a way to help young men feel more comfortable expressing themselves with the Behind Happy Faces Mental Health Curriculum. We provide five lessons to facilitate with your chapter to help your brothers understand mental health, learn coping skills and talk to a brother who may be experiencing a mental health challenge.

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